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Turning of the Wheel- The Venus Star Point

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Venus Star Point occurs when the planet Venus comes to the same degree as the Sun. This happens once every 1.6 years or 584 days. This forms a marvelous geometric construct in the cosmos that represents an actual five-point star. This same 1.6 numerical also represents a construct that is at the core of the Fibonacci number sequence that is found in all forms of nature, art, human development and well beyond. Leonardo Da Vinci was captivated by this sequence and is represented by his famous Vetruvian Man diagram. This measurement gives proof to the fact that the universe is indeed a mathematical derivative and that its influence runs through our lives. In this segment, host, Chris Flisher speaks with author and astrologer, Arielle Guttman about her book "Venus Star Rising" and the planet's role in our lives.